Past Courses

Art of Acting with Lilette Dubey

An opportunity to learn the craft of acting in film and theatre from Lillete Dubey’s own unique perspective. If you have a passion for acting and theatre along with some experience, register now and block your space for this closed-door program !

4-6th June 2021

Stand Up Comedy with Kumar

Kumar is Singapore’s very own, celebrated Actor & Comedian whose origin and signature style is risqué and candid. CreativE-Mentor brings to you an exciting opportunity to enrol in a personalised mentorship program, wherein Kumar will take you through three days of intense sessions intriguing you first with his experiences and then guiding you through a curated workshop on the craft and nuances of stand-up comedy.

If you are eighteen or over, have a sense of humor and the desire to perform and understand the basics of stand-up comedy, this course is for you.

July  2021

Song Writing
with Victoria Horn (Lady V)

A never been done before master class session on song writing personally mentored by Lady V - as a live digital workshop ! At the end of the session, if all criteria are met you will get a chance for your songs to be published and pitched to the biggest artist in K-POP and dance by Ostereo- A UK and Korean based publishing company.

August 2021

Raga Harmony with Dr. L. Subramaniam

‘Raga Harmony’ is a creation of Dr. L Subramaniam, India’s violin icon and creator of the Global Fusion idiom. It is a unique amalgam of the rich melodic conception of Indian classical music – the raga, to which the Western classical concept of harmony is applied and rhythmically structured using the complex poly-rhythms of South Indian classical music. A harmony is created while being within the bounds of a raga, thus bringing together the best of the west and east. Raga Harmony has been used by Dr. Subramaniam in most of his crossover classical works like Fantasy on Vedic Chants, Shantipriya, Isabella violin concerto, Spring Rhapsody, Global Symphony, and Bharat Symphony.

August - September, 2021

Script writing with Rajat Kapoor

A 101 on script writing with 3 times National Award winner, Rajat Kapoor. A hands on workshop with him, where you get to learn from his experiences and tricks of the trade learning over the last many years in the industry. This will be an opportunity for you to interact and discuss your ideas face to face on the digital platform.

September, 2021