Victoria Horn (Lady V)

Songwriter Awareness Collective

Victoria Horn, known as Lady V, is a Grammy award winning songwriter and two times heavy airplay award winner with over ten number ONE hits in various charts worldwide.Lady V has worked with artists such as Armin van Buuren, Enrique Igesias, Black Pink, Demi lovato, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Eminem, Dr Dre, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Brandy and many more.She has worked successfully in many genres of music, especially hip hop, USA pop, R&B and dance. Lady V runs a private professional songwriters and producers rights group called the 'Songwriter Awareness Collective', that represents 800 musicians and sits on the board of the F (Females in music) list and the SC of the Ivor’s academy.


Song Writing with


A never been done before master class session on song writing personally mentored by Lady V - as a live digital workshop ! At the end of the session, if all criteria are met you will get a chance for your songs to be published and pitched to the biggest artist in K-POP and dance by Ostereo- A UK and Korean based publishing company.

August, 2021


Session 1:

Duration :  (120 min)

  • Introduction & In-conversation.
  • How A listers work.
  • What happens in a pro writing session.
  • Team breakout and song writing session.
  • Genre K-Pop.

Session 2:

Duration :  (240 min)

  • Structure and lyrics of songs.
  • Theme and Direction.
  • Breakout group sessions.
  • Choice of lyrics.
  • Expand your harmonice palatte.
  • A Song Writing Session on EDM.

Session 3: 

Duration :  (240 min)

  • Western lyrics, songs and concepts.
  • Deep dive into writing in break out groups.
  • Getting over writer's block.
  • Tackle counter melodies, raps and more.
  • Final presentation of the song.